3 Tips for Choosing The Best Party Favours for Your Child’s Party

Kids love parties for the food, cake, and friends, but they also love what they get at the end of the celebrations: party favours. While it’s hard to go wrong when giving kids free goodies at the end of a fun-filled event, there are some things that party throwers should consider to make sure that everyone – including themselves – have a good time, starting with:

1. Set a Budget

It can be easy to go off track and spend significantly more than you thought you would on party favours. With so many fabulous options out there these days, settling on just a select amount can be hard. Not only that, but the “goodie bag” options that are available to you are extensive, from old-school plastic or paper goodie bags to metal tins to gift boxes (don’t forget to include the goodie bag expense into your budget!). Do yourself a favour and set a realistic budget that will keep you on course and give you an excuse not to go overboard.


2. Consider All Age Groups

Chances are that not every guest at the party is going to be in the same age group. Rather than throw the same party favours into each goodie bag, think about who is attending and what their interests may be. Books, small toys or electronics may be suitable for school aged children, but if you know of any toddlers or preschoolers that will be in attendance, those items could be inappropriate. Strongly consider making special goodie bags for those children so that they’ll be able to enjoy the post-party fun with your party favours too.

3. Theme Is Important But Not Always Necessary

Most adults love themes and making everything tie in to one another, but children are far less observant. In fact, that cool and awesome theme that you’ve spent hours thinking of and planning for could very well go entirely unnoticed by a crowd of excited kids! When planning party favours for you child’s birthday, keep theme in mind, but more than anything keep the enjoyment of the children as the primary consideration when choosing what you’ll be giving away when the party’s over.